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Glendora Church of the Nazarene volunteers who faithfully come each second Saturday of the month to help with the pantry:  Lois Wise, Regina de Doelder, Martha Hanson, Bob and Ginny Johnson, Ken and Liz Elliott, Dave and Roni Vose, Mike Cantrell.  Bob and Ginny pick up the food from the Foodbank each month with Ken and Dave as their backups.  Some of the men do repairs and gardening at the location while on location while others get the food ready for distribution.  The ladies sort bags and bags of clothing and then help distribute the items.  The church members also send financial donations, clothng, and other items regularly. 
Regular Financial Donors.  Some people and churches contribute on a regular basis and some have for most of our 18 years:  Bill Covone, Melanie Hubbard, Roger and Shelley Ishii, Bob and Ginny Johnson, Masaya Mura, Dave and Sue Morzov, Carol Schendel, Emily Stillion, Bobbye Trimble, Dave and Roni Vose, Lois Wise

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