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Orton and Lois Wise



Unsung Heroes

On June 15, 2000, Heaven welcomed Orton Wise, a treasured friend of Children of the Shepherd. Mike visited Orton at his bedside five days before his passing, and Orton asked Mike if there was anything he could do for COS!  

Lois, now in her eighties, continues to come to the pantry one Saturday each month dispensing hygiene items, many of which she has purchased and brought with her.  Her daughters accompany her and help with the sorting and distribution of clothing.  During each month, Lois washes and sorts hundreds of items of clothing people bring to her home.  She brings them to COS on "her" Saturday. 

In our last newsletter, we paid tribute to Orton and his wife, Lois, for whom our Compassionate Ministry Center is named. Following is that article as we honor Orton and continue to remember and pray for God’s comfort and peace for Lois and their daughters, Regina and Martha.For the past seven years, Lois and Orton Wise, a couple of "Ambassadors" from the Glendora Nazarene Church, have been quietly providing a service for the Lord that stands above and beyond the call of duty.

Knowing that Children of the Shepherd provides food, clothing and hygiene products to the poor of Hollywood, Lois and Orton have taken it upon themselves to not just pray for our needs, but to tangibly do something about it. They gathered together bulk quantities of shampoo, tooth powder, laundry soap and other hygiene products. Then they looked for a way to break these large quantities down to personal sizes anyone could use. Their solution . . . film canisters!

You know, those little plastic containers you have left after you’ve loaded your 35mm film. Lois and Orton would take those discarded canisters, acquired from photo shops and friends, and fill them with individual portions of much needed hygiene.

Well, fill they did. Not just once, not twice, but for weeks, and months, and now years.

To date, Lois and Orton have filled over 58,000 canisters! Can you believe that? Why? How? I think Lois and Orton realize something that so many have forgotten.

Although ministry "fads" come and go, real needs do not pass in time. Real needs like people who are still hungry, still thirsty, still naked and ashamed.

Yes, 14 years and you would have thought we would have solved all the problems of the streets by now, but, guess what? The streets are alive and kicking, and so are we!

The battle for the hearts and souls and minds of the people of Hollywood is still raging, and so are we.

As the years of battle have gone on, I have been inspired by the body of Christ as I have seen some movement; so many times I have seen things like our rent about to come past due, and suddenly a check for the exact amount shows up. Or we need a suit of clothes for someone going on an interview, and suddenly the right suit shows up in donations. Or we need soap for someone who has been on the streets for days, and needs to take a bath, and someone, like Lois and Orton, supplies the soap we need to clean not just the one, but for the thousands to come after him.

I guess every war has its share of unsung heroes, and this war is no exception. Thank you Lois and Orton, for allowing us to sing your song.

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